So much has happened, and continues to happen. I apologize now for the definitely un-fun post to follow.. but I need to get it all off my chest and add posting regularly back to the list of things I do.

Directly after the last post, I proposed to B and he accepted. Then instantly was sent to Germany to finish up a game who shall remain nameless… They needed some rescuing, and B knows their system stuff and is a design+program dude so… yeah. Less than a week’s notice to spend 2 months overseas rooming with a guy who passes out with netflix running eating their entire allotment of internet access in 2 nights without mentioning it to anyone. >.<

Then, the day before the wedding I fell and hit my head. Probably just smacked it on the floor… but it was 8 stitches. And an ambulance ride (even though I likely just needed to sit for a little while before being stood up, but w/e, is in the past. Long story short = 12hrs and -$15,000 later my head was sewn up.). Hooray insurance not applying to me until we’d been married for 2months. (Oh! And I’m still on insurance probation… they’ll cover things related to the baby, but if anything is billed as being care for me until NEXT December it’s out of pocket.)

Oh yeah! I’m also pregnant. And no PP it wasn’t cervical cancer, there was no reason to deny me bc. I was actively trying to find a Dr to look into it more closely but don’t have a car or money of my own but thanks for assuming my anxiety issues were fake so I could ignore your advice and treating me like an idiot… so while you do many many people a great deal of good.. thanks. I needed to be knocked up instantly. The many pitfalls of a latex allergy. They’ve gotten better, but they’re still way less effective than their latex counterparts.  -__- And if you’re actively using protection and nothing breaks how the hell do you know you need to go get plan B? You don’t.

So, it’s earlier than we’d planned… and the timing is shitty with the other expenses… And yeah, the hospital doesn’t even offer a payment plan that makes sense.

I’m never willing setting foot in a hospital as long as I live. It’s absurd.

I wish there was something you could say to paramedics that made it illegal for them to touch you.

And that’s it. Why it’s been a while, and the 5am ravings of an insomniac pregnant lady who just wants tuna sashimi and can’t have it because pregnant and now budget. (I’m still pissed that we spent the entirety of our engagement apart because some boys can’t be bothered to schedule themselves. -__- it wasn’t even a good game in the end with all the lack of direction and additional crap. Doesn’t work to just take a shit ton of ideas and throw them all in a blender with no idea of what you want at the end. fucks sake..  idiots.)


Linking everything together  Is a little tumblr I’ve been collecting upcycle project ideas to for a little while. A few of them are shirt projects and I’ll get more photos together asap.

The Dress!Shirts are coming together nicely


I’m still experimenting with little elastic inserts at the sides to help it hold a crisper shape on a broader range of sizes. At the moment the measurements are super important to get close to the intended wearer, which makes for an involved off the rack scenario. Not horrible, but I’d like to be able to fit as many people as possible. =^.^=


So, I’m experimenting with taping the process from shirt to dress.  >.> If it works out well I will likely expand it.  Things like welt pockets, victorian jackets, experimental projects…  It has to b after all my homework is managed.

Any thoughts?


Ada Lovelace: The Walkthrough

School has been trundling along, no crazy projects/papers just yet, only the usual notes and such. Spent some time digging up the past, and pretty much every non-holiday Saturday they don’t chase me off the property I’ll continue “helping” =^.^=

This next dress provides a bit more back coverage than the others so far, but it is more finicky than the others by far.  Getting the pleating to sit well, and not drape drunkenly is wicked weird.  Patience, and a LOT of pins. (Don’t bleed on pale fabric)

First, find a 3X ish shirt with something fun printed on it. (smaller just means less skirt = fewer pleats)

This one from ThinkGeek has Ada Lovelace on it. ❤

Lay the shirt out flat.  Absolutely flat.  I had to move to the floor to get this one to cooperate…  -.-  Trim directly across the shirt from armpit to armpit. Like so:

The hemline portion will be the skirt.  =)    Then trim off the sleeves.  We won’t need them unless we’re making a bag.

Then trim directly across just under the neckline.  I only did one layer at a time, because halfway through I changed directions… Don’t forget to load your serger with something other than black thread if you’re using a pale shirt.  >.< You’ll need another shirt, I used another color because it’s what I had and I’ve been tired of trying to figure out what the heck to do with this blue one. >.>

Trim out a waistband, just enough room to go round the middle.  Only about 6in or so tall.

Then pleat (or gather if you like) the skirt to the waistband.  Double check to be sure the outsides are going to be on the outside… >.<

Also, don’t have epic battles with your flash.  It’s just going to do whatever anyway.

Decide where the edges of your top bit need to be, and pin the crap out of the pleats.  You cannot use too many pins.

Then you’ll need to choose your shoulder ribbons.  I went with gray bows.  So they’d be adjustable when my sister steals this one, or someone with more cleavage than me wants to wear it. =^.^=

Whatever you do, don’t throw on a bra and pester the nearest person into taking a picture of your finished dress.  Luckily, you can edit your funny old lady feet out. =^.^=


Infinity Space Dress (Walkthrough)

Start with 2 shirts. They don’t have to be identical, but the skirt will be half of both.

First, remove all 4 sleeves.  But save them, they make great purses and pockets.  Trim the sleeves off along the inside edge of the seam.

Next, lay both the shirts out flat.  Cute straight across from one armpit to the other.  The big squares will make the skirt.  The tops will make the rest of the dress.

Next trim one edge off of each skirt piece.

Pin and sew the freshly cut edges together face to face (art side to art side) so you end up with one big hoop of fabric.

Make sure to keep what had been the shirt hems on the same edge.  This gives the final skirt hem a bit more weight to hold it’s shape.

Now take one of the shirt tops you set aside earlier, and cut across both layers directly across the chest just under the collar.

Then trim the ends to be square.  Here’s a point to stop and do a bit of sizing.  Halve your waist measurement.  This is how long the front and back of the waistband need to be.  Since tshirts stretch, don’t worry about leaving yourself extra room for stitching.  Keep both pieces together as you trim them.  Then you only need to cut once.  Pin them face to face and sew the short edges.  This is your waistband.

The skirt can be gathered to the waistband rather than pleated, or pleated all in one direction rather than boxes.  I love box pleats.  They make me happy.  And they’re fun.

I like to start by pining even amounts of fabric in four places evenly spaced around the waistband. (Make sure before you spend too much time pinning, that you have the face sides together  >.< ) Then pin each section in the center, evenly all around the waistband.

Then find the mid-point of one of these sections along the waistband.  lay the skirt fabric flat along the waistband to the midpoint, and pin.

Then bring the skirt fabric flat along the waistband back the other direction, and pin in the center.

Then all you have to do is lay the rest of the skirt fabric for that section evenly across the waistband.  Pin this flat.

Pin the skirt to the waistband all the way around.

Sew, and turn right side out.

For the bust portion of the dress, I used the other shirt top.  Trimmed off one rectangle from just under the collar.

If you’re smaller of chest (as I am) this is the time to put a couple darts in the sides.  They’ll keep the neckline flatter.  =)

Trim the neckline before adding the rest of the ribbon.

Pin the widest end of the bust section face to face with the front top part of the waistband.

Now take a length of ribbon (about a meter and a half) place the center of the ribbon at the center back of the dress, and pin all the way around the back up to the top corner of the bust piece.  The tails will make the shoulders, though you can always skip that step add a few extra tucks in the center fron of the bust and you have a halterdress.  To measure the shoulders, you’ll need to try it on.  then mark the ribbon and the places along the back top of the waistband where it’s most comfortable for you.  I found that about 2in from the center back, lets the front stay square without pulling oddly on the armpit.


So swirly.



Picture Problems

I’m going back through to fix some issue which seems to have removed all the photos.  Well, almost all.  I hope to have it done soon.

Thank you for your patience =^.^=


New Stuff

All findable here >.>  For whatever reason the Flickr account is being odd. (And I’ve had quite enough with technology being difficult for today)

The bags happen from 2 tshirt sleeves.  One main center space with 5 smaller inside pockets around the outside.  Since many of the newer designs don’t use the sleeves there has been a growing pile on my sewing shelf.  I may add a longer strap to a few and we’ll see how they stand up to more rigorous use.  So far the average bag holds quite a bit.  The larger capable of holding a DS, 2 decks of cards, lip gloss, a couple of pens, spare girl necessities {not pictured}, keys, a full set of dice, some change, card case, and set of necessary id things.       o.o




I don’t know that making bags is going to be a permanent addition to the store, but perhaps if this wild hair continues to uncoil in the sewing room there will be a few to come through.  They’re still in the testing phase though, so it will be several weeks of hard wear before we know if they pass.  For this I have given one to my sister to stuff with things and carry around, I will do the same, and might keep some small knitting projects in it for a few weeks. (I’ve a composition class this fall, and the professor’s format lends itself well to small project time. =^.^=)

There’s also this dress:


I do wish I’d made the skirt a bit fuller, but perhaps that can be saved for shirts with smaller art.  In order to get the astronaut to sit properly without the paint rumpling it fits a bit snug.  I feel like I should dye it maybe a lavender?

I should go back to fighting with Zune now.  I should update my new phone (windows7) from my laptop (also windows7) but microsoft security essentials seems to believe that part of the exe from microsoft for zune is malware o.O  And even with admin overrides and yelling at it to stop being stupid and update already it’s blinking at me again.  We shall see.



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