Beware: Here there be links

While drifting through my homeworld last year, I ran into a particular conundrum.  One that is not by any means new… But one I had been able to ignore for a “good” portion of the last decade and a half or so (with the notable exception of the one bit of nerdpraise for remembering the leveling tables for a particular pen and paper adventure game.. before their easysauce itteration, and finally lately (YAY!))…

I am a Gamer.

And a nerd.

I also, happen to be a Girl.  I am what happens when two nerds produce female offspring, and so is my daughter. (who is turning out to be, shocker of all shockers.. a gamer, and a nerd! But one who’s love for cute is surpassing even mine. [not the bra thing.. that’s just weird.])

AND I am not the “ONLY ONE“.

Perhaps it was the plethora of offerings for panels discussing this phenomenon of “girls who like games zomg”, and not being able to shake the feeling that… “I’ve always been here… Why is everyone so confused?”..   Girls liking to play games is NOT new.  If you’ve yet to play D&D with one, that’s your own fault.  If you had a bad experience trying to get one to play maybe you shouldn’t have approached it like you were teaching a goldfish to play fetch.  We suffer non-gamer significant others the same way you do. ~ Oh, honey I can’t on Tuesday.. Tuesday is Malygos.. and Apocrapha just went live so I have to role a new Caldari for some uber ninja mining actions and see what they changed about the new char experience.. and I’ve still got to finish Twilight Princess cause we just got a new copy to replace the one that was stolen when the wii was.. and weren’t we supposed to play Gears with your brother later? Wow the Myst ds port is actually pretty true to form, Awesome!…

{I am still miffed that Nintendo decided that silvery brown would be an acceptable replacement for soft pink.}    -.-

But regardless of the causes, I still feel a bit bewildered by it all.. We are here.  We’ve always been here.  The only reason you’re finally “seeing” us is that fewer of us are being quiet about it…  >.>

So relax!

Yes! OMG We’re girls, but we’re also girls you might actually have something in common with, that you could talk with us about.  sheesh.


WTB [Moar Portal] pst..


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