Mornings like these… -.-

It’s mornings like these that make me again try and retool my particular brand of paranoia and stand in awe of the way the world works. I wonder what would happen if I started ignoring that small voice that says acting like a spoiled child is wrong for a grown person to do, and just started treating all my customers the way they treat me… /ponder Maybe common courtesy doesn’t apply to me in my ivory treehouse…

First, a note as to why I might be so bold as to talk about anything at all on what is a repository for my rantings: All I do, all day long, five-six days a week, 51 weeks a year (thank gawd for PAX), is try to use my 12+ years of customer support experience to guide people into being the best customer support reps they can be… desire, previous experience, and aptitude hopefully allowing for progress. One of the key points I repeatedly bring to their attention, is that “shutting the fuck up and listening so that you understand (and almost more importantly, so that the customer understands that you understand) and responding in a level headed, positive manner, so that a productive resolution can be reached IS YOUR JOB.” I really don’t care what your title says you are, if you are interfacing with customers this is YOUR JOB. If you are employed within an aspect of your company which does not generally (on a regular professional basis) interface with your customers… maybe consider pulling someone from a department within your company which does, it is what they do. =) All day long, every day, five-six days a week, 50-52 weeks a year (probably taking their few (if any) holidays in March or September).

If you don’t think the way every member of your company interfaces with your customers and your potential customers has an impact… take another look at our good friend Mark’s game destructive spiral. Though perhaps that isn’t entirely fair… Maybe it was just me. And watching him rant and rip into things on his “personal blog” while it certainly effected my desire to play since it colored every aspect of the whole process, I might have been in my own bubble for that one.

Perhaps there is hope for our tantrum ridden capslock happy stalkey eyed voice of unreason.  After all, people can learn to choose a more professional approach than they seem to be capable of taking right out of the gate… But I still hate seeing that someone with such a “voice” doesn’t even show the restraint of a high school kidlet at my local gamestop… (no offence to high school aged people working at game stop.. you guys put up with so much crap.  But thats sort of the point… You put up with it, levely respond with as much assistance as you can, and move on with your day… rarely do we hear of someone’s honestly frustrated questions [my reciept even says I paid for the CE.. -.-  ]  being answered with a parkinglot beating.)

P.S. Don’t steep tea in a paper cup. It tastes terrible, and is a waste of perfectly good dead dried leaves. I honestly don’t know how you stand it.

P.P.S. Yes, I know, aside from a few entertainingly slick mechanics, it was a whole lot of the same… just with different lore. =/ That and the lack of an ignore feature… >.> stupid fuckwits don’t understand that it’s a “Public” quest so you don’t have to group up with random douchebags, and no shit the whole thing’s not solo-able.. Orly? Like I never once in the 20 levels prior came upon that little tidbit. Thanks. I personally thought it was fun. And isn’t that what a game is supposed to be?


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