Here is where you Victory!

*Do not drink while reading.

Perfecthair.. you just made my whole morning.

“Hi guys me and my friend just hit 2100 in 2v2 yesterday as disc priest/ shadow priest. I think is very fun team and would like to give some of strats against the more popular teams and maybe other will give this rare set up a try.

Hunter/Pally: The weakness of this team is that hunters do not have spell reflect so kill them with spelling. Start by dot casting at hunters giraffe pets, when the giraffes come after you, begin heavy dps rotations on their minds. At this point all hunters try to save giraffes because they are companion adventurers together through azeroth. Here is where you victory. When the hunter comes to save giraffes, just darkness priest licorice beam his paladin to slow him, have disc priest power insfuse shadowfiend down the hunter and beamed paladin will be to far in back of arena moving slowly to come save his hunter or giraffes. Collect points.

Rogue/Paladin: The weakness of this team is that rouges cannot disarm traps easily, kill them with hard traps. Start by having the disc priest sparlke explode all over arena to frighten rouge out of invisibility mode. When he is revealed, have darkness priest vampiric grasp him to group heal while disc priest regeneralizes mana recources. When enough resources are gathered you will go on the offense. Here is where you victory. Disc priest controls the mind of the paladin and darkness priest controls minds of the rouge, then darkness type “oh no I have been connection failed.” And their teammate will leave arena thinking he is alone now in fight against more opponenets. Collect points.

Rouge/Mage: The weakness of this team is that rouge armor is more hard than mage armor. Start by having darkness priest aoe licorice mage to expose rouges hiding place next to him. When rouge is appeared, disc priest will mana burn cast at the rouge. Rouge thinks now that focus frames or targetting add ons are not functionaly correct and will /reloadui. Here is where you victory. Ui reloading is time consumeable and rouges have cheapest computers. While rougue is slow ui resetting, simply power infusion mind blast fiend fire the magician down, be always prepared to evaporate ice tent when finishing move him. Rouge comes back to find only corpse of adventure companion. Collect points.

Unholy Dk/palladine: The weakness of this team is the Unholy is not as dark as shadow. This is very hard fight but you can win with simply strategy. Start by having darkness priest inflict damaging shadows onto unholy knight while same time as this happening, have disc priest use level 80 move hymn of oh holy night. Oh holy night and unholy knight are almost the same and most paladines have bad eyesight from brightness heals. Paladines will heal hymn from priest thinking it is adventure companion. Here is where you victory. WHile unoholy is not given heals because paladines are blind and heal songs, simply power infuse shadow demon him into corpse form. You have probably won now, make sure to stop hymning as paladin won’t know it has been tricked till song stops getting heals. Collect points

You now have posses power to win high rating with bad class, use strategy wise. Ty”


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