Because it’s the only thing anyone near me can talk about right now… -.-

With regards to the proposed “tier system” of rates for internet usage… While it is true, that someone like my mother who uses the internet to play a few games but mostly chat to her family and friends, is not hogging the bandwidths that my quake adicted kill you through walls because he assumed you were there brother does.. I’m not sure that the folks putting the system in place have considered volumes. (or perhaps they have) As this note points out, most of our bandwidth consumption is rather spikey… but what about those of us who constantly run hulu.. while we farm/work/generally use our computer or computer’s space for existing in…  And they don’t even gaurantee bandwidth availablility!

And aside from that, if they would like to charge us more, why not upgrade the system and then charge us more.. or charge us more with the thought that perhaps someday our access options will catch up to the rest of the modern world..  >.>

For those who would argue that it’s fine and dandy for us to be charged for usage, like a cell phone, or gasoline… Many of us are charged exactly what our neighbors are for “solid waste pickup” regardless of actual usage, and water is commonly broken up among the residents of a building so that each person pays the same.. each washing machine costs the same..  And at this point isn’t the internet more like our “solid waste”  service?

My issue I think is mostly a choice of words.. in the article Jeff Kagan is quoted as saying.. “Before, they got it for free. Now they have to pay.”..   His customers haven’t been paying for internet access?!? Holycrap!

It’s much too early for this..  -.-


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