Poem # 060318-1

As I am here softly sitting,

Fingers flying,

Deftly knitting,

Brain exploding,

Imagination splitting,

Fantasies bounding round my mind.

Advice abundant,

Helpful friends,

They’ll see me through the dregs and ends,

Of life and limb,

deaththrows of heart,

Will I ever pick up my part?

Knitt knitt

pearl pearl

Over under through

How can I ever say

The things I want me to?

I trip,

I fall,

Language flailing,

Tongue tied fool,

My lips are tender,

From lingering kisses,

My body tenses as it listens,

To the rolling timber of your memory…

So, I sit here gently weaving,

Things I might indeed be needing,

With extra warmth and tenderness

To stay me through this wilderness of



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