LinkedIn and finding moments to regain touch..

I’m generally fairly slow to adopt new social networking tools..I only have a myspace because a stripper told me it would be a good thing for me to do.. and really who am I to argue with abs like that?

When left un-poked I tend to focus mainly on what is right in front of me, and what might prevent my small family from thriving.. what I need to do to make sure things like teeth, school lunches, and pokemon cards are taken care of..

I’ve been so worried these last few years about maintaining a mainstream employment that I’ve had trouble reaching out to people who’s lives take them far away from where I am.  And lately.. with the dissolving of my entire department, and the mass dispersal out into the main body of the support wing of the company (essentially a demotion all round (no holidays and guess what the days off are. )but at least I’ve a job.. at least I’ve a job.. at least..)

I suddenly find myself in a rather odd frame of mind for me.  When I try to focus on the issues in front of me, my vision sort of glances off.. >.>  and I drift into wondering how those far away friends are doing.. what they’re doing for fun these days.. …

So my mission for today after I update all my resume stuff and see if PA has found a merch guru.. >.>

Find old friends and poke them. =^.^=


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