Fridays! =D (which are oddly saturday like with the new shift “bid” from )

Finally managed to work into being, a few hours to sew every week.  Well… Ok, for the last two weeks I’ve managed to make it over to my sister’s house (she, or rather, her boyfriend has a large dining table and in exchange for a vest or two he’ll let me use it.) for a few hours on Fridays.. She’s been looking to expand her steampunked victorian repitoire, and I’ve been looking to work my mind out of the muck.

So!  We’re starting at the bottom.  Literally at the bloomers.   We each now have new white cotton eyelet, mid-calf, joined at the waist, bloomers.   And hip length lace trimmed camisoles.  I should have pictures of the Seester soon.  And this week I believe is the dreaded lobster butt (bustle).  I’ve asked her to think about what she wants out of a steampunk outfit.. but it might just be a stack of Truly Victorian patterns with brass trimmings and goggles.


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