Eve lite…

I love watching game worlds which grow and evolve (why I still play Eve, and log into wow periodically), and ccp seems to be setting themselves up to add in hours of people watching for me.  =)  I will likely not be partaking in the console aspect, mostly as it will need to be something other than just halo with a new skin to hold my attention for that long…  though with enough chest high cover… >.>

From earlier:

me:  it’s like.. eve lite
for frat boys
who can’t fly
which now you’ll need

B:  lol

me:  to hold territory
can I just blow up the rock?
that seems better

B:  resources

me:  easier to mine smaller rocks

B:  how will we strip mine it if you blow it up?  there’s that

me:  I strip mine asteroids all the time
easier to get at the better minerals
don’t have to move the dirt

B:  but where will we grow our cows??

me:  in tanks
like always

B: lol


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