Dear “Girl Who Didn’t Get the Job”,

I’m sorry I’ve forgotten your name.. =/  but after hearing your story, a few very similar to them, and the responses leaning towards indy games being the wave of the future… I have a few things to say about your interview with the guy “who was worried the long hours would be too much”.

First, I’m sorry you weren’t hired.  It sucks to go out time and again, only to trudge home without getting the good handshake.  And I certainly know what that’s like.

The heart of the matter though I think is not that he was concerned you wouldn’t be able to handle the hours, or the work because you’re a girl.. but how well would you fit with the already established team.  As much as we might like to sit back and rail on the boys for having a tightly knit club with a ‘no girls allowed’ sign, I don’t think it’s always true.(And we’re guilty of it as well)  When push comes to crunch it’s how they interact as people that keep the team functioning and producing.  You will have to own up to being a very pretty girl, which is something which doesn’t normally cross into the lives of those guys.. not in person anyway. Drop the ‘hr appropriate’ responses (which they’re listening for, and hit all of us as being nothing but canned cheese.) Perhaps next interview go so far as to wear jeans (though that may be a bit too  “austin casual” for wherever you are…)  Once your foot is in the door it’s in.  It’s that first bit that’s tricky.

One of the inital bonding moments most of those sorts of interviews have is a few minutes when it’s totally ok and encouraged to geek out about whatever game(s) makes you happy.  (If you have things in common with them that they understand you’re suddenly less scary.  And not just because you’re a girl.  But as a person.)  You’ll be introduced to someone, and they might lead off with what they’ve been up to lately.. or more likely, want to know why you (as a PERSON) would want to make a game~why do you want to make a game~is it because you play something and they’ll suddenly have something in common with you? /hope

Mostly, relax.  They want to build their team of people that don’t make them nervous or add layers of drama to the goings on.. if you can keep the drama penned up in the art dept, you’re very very lucky.  Don’t go in all worried that they won’t like you, or they won’t.  Even awesome interviews where you hit it off with most of your perspective new team.. you might remind one of them about someone they used to not like working for. And yes, that can be the lynch pin.  And this is not limited to the games world.

Stop leaning on the “it’s because I’m a girl” crutch, stop being afraid, go out there and make something fun dammit.  (We just won’t mention that the xbox controllers in the break room are the smaller ones, and eventually no one will care.)

I really am sorry they told you no, but don’t let it stop you.  Just make sure you enjoy working on whatever you find yourself building.


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