PAX = Done! And (I am) Swine Flu Free! \o/

As the list of outbound flights of those unlucky enough to come in close contact with our little h1n1 grows… I think yeah… Purrell as a sponser wouldn’t be terrible… darnright clever even. (though they’d still have to use the stuff.)  =^.^=  And while we’re at it >.> we’ve already got gamer razors… where’s our gamer deoderant?  Come on people at axe.. if there’s one challenge fit for the travel size bo combatant it’s the line rides at a gamer gathering.  (it drove me out of line twice… and hailing from my nerd filled call center >.> I can safely say, that funk took work, dedication, planning, and careful cultivation.)  You don’t even need to tell us it’s not a new smell.  Just take whatever is selling iffy right now, slap a night elf chick riding a space ship on it, and drop it in the swag bag.  =)


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