Sooo.. More weddings in planning, -.-  and a few bambiniiis as well.  oie.. ittybittybabbehheadsmellINC!!

Luckily, crocheting little cotton hats is something I can teach my sister to do, and might get out of after then..  >.>  though of course the habitual stacks of washcloths will be made.. can never have too many washcloths. little leaky noses all, and learning about food.. and.. and.. /sakebomb

Been tweeting more than posting, as we’re still in OMFGWTFJUSTHAPPENEDRUFKIDDINGME overtime..  BUT!!

The APB shirt I dismantled into a halter dress has undergone a snazzy transformation, and my sister has generously volunteered to standstill and provide a few giant wouldn’t be fugly but they’re F’ing Huge swag shirts of her own to be remade into girlygamernerd funness.  =^.^=


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