APB Enforcer lame square boy shirt -> Dress of Awesome!

First, this is one of the shirts that started the whole.. “I’m tired of swag shirts, and the really cool semi subtle nerd shirts all being for guys.. and not skinny emo ones I could just knock in the head and steal from.. -.- what can I logistically do about this.. without sounding like a raving girl power crazed pms avenger.. hhmmm” thought process.  If I’d known it would actually be relatively simple, I’d have elbowed my way into owning more options to play with. =)  Luckily, PAX comes twice this year, and my spaces are already procured.  (though any advice about Boston in March would be most welcome.. the most I get from the transplants are grins, and ‘I hope you’re not going to try to see much of the city.. cause you won’t..” )

The Enforcer shirt started life like this big, square.. not something I could wear out in public without looking like I was out in pajamas.. which granted.. this is Austin.. no one would really notice (or care).. BUT I DO!! OMG..  =P

After chopping off the neck, sleeves, and most of the back (down to the top of the ‘Enforcer” print), playing around with a halter vs square neckline.. >.>

Now my Enforcer Dress is substantially more wearable. =^.^=  And soft too.. more t~shirts should start out life this soft.

Next on the dress form is a lovely Kate Beaton.  I plan for Ben to be chasing off around one hip, though we’ll see what the neckline does..  =^.^=


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