“Wednesday the Cat” Dress!

This shirt, another Beatonna turned out super comfy. =^.^=

The t-shirt deconstructions are helping settle my mind I think.  I get to rip them apart and mash them around until they go from some giant boxy thing which made me feel frumpy no matter how much I loved the shirt to being something downright fun.  Fun to make and fun to wear.  They also help me slowly be less and less afraid of trying things.  We’ll see how far that goes >.>

The steps this time:

#1 Off with the neck!

#2 Away with the sleeves! (but carefully.. they’ll be useful later.. /mysterious)

#3 Placing Wednesday.. A little to the left?

#4 No! My other left! (hehe)

#5 What to do with the extra cotton? Gather it to the back! =D   (room to sit is nice)

#6 Ribbon the edges to hold it all together.

#7 Remember there are sleeves in that scrap pile? Well.. there’s one less now! (Even better than remembering to eat leftovers.  I still haven’t figured out why white styrofoam containers seem to be an invisibility field.. but maaaan I’m terrible at actually eating them.)

#8 Why a pocket tho?

Well.. I hate having to tote around a giant bag (or even a not so giant one..) just for my ds.   =^.^=


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