>.> <.< omgwtf it's mid May already??!? /facepalm

Well. The rundown for sights and looking forwards to from PAXEast, have been overshadowed mostly by work… and waiting for my APB beta invite.. Sadly, doesn’t seem like I’ll get my hands on it until after it’s really for sale and such. But I will!!

On the T-Shirt front! Many ideas swimming in my head at the moment, after an unexpected hasty relocation.. the sewing room is still status:shambles.. However! This Saturday looks to be an excellent day for butchering up another soft fun one to add to the summer wardrobe. =^.^= Also on the horizon: the nerdiest wedding dress almost ever, and accompanying “tail”coat. Ruminate on that for a bit. It may not mean, what you think it means.

~TYM out for now, back real fricken soon. =^.^=


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