The trouble with lunches

At least since school started a couple weeks ago, I’ve managed to send lunch with both my Kidlet, and my Boy. Which has been awesome in many ways, Boy is happier with his waistline, and Kidlet isn’t absolutely starving when she gets home.  Rather than the American food “pyramid” which always seems to leave me feeling just.. overstuffed and gross.  We’ve been using the “Japanese Food Guide Spinning Top” Yes I know it’s just a few servings smaller.. but it’s smaller.  And the ratio of veggie to everything else is preferable.. at least for me.

Several issues arise though when packing for both of them.

Kidlet’s won’t eat list, when combined with Boy’s won’t eat list.. leave little in the way of “traditional” bento fare packable.  She won’t eat a long list of vegetables if they’ve been cooked, almost anything leaf like (spinach is only sometimes a nom), rice, most noodles, eggs which are not hard boiled, most meats, cold hot dogs, nonbreaded fish, anything “spicy” (and that list changes on a nearly daily basis.. some days curry is just awesome.. other days.. =/ well.. a little pepper is overpowering.)

The Boy’s list is shorter.. but includes anything “squidgy” eggs (any sort prepped anyway), any noodle that’s not a thin rice stick or glass noodle overpowered with other things and sauce, cheese, canned fish, and he’d rather have more peas or broccoli than a few cherries.  His goal is for weight loss.

Add to that I can’t eat tomatoes (and the other 2 don’t care for them), I’m the only shellfish eater, the only one who’ll eat fun cheeses (Kidlet only eats the “american” variety.. we’ve had conversations about how cheese food is what cheese eats to become big and strong.. but.. /le sigh.. it’s still the only one she’ll eat) and I’m not terribly fond of fruit in the middle of the day.  I’d rather have an apple for dessert.. But it seems to be a sort of sugar bomb in the middle of the day.. especially if I have to sit still for hours.. which I usually do.  My goal is for maintenance.. gaining a bit if I can manage it. (not typical.. I know.. when I get stressed out or distractedly focused on something I forget to eat.. to the point where the thought of food is gross.  I can be coerced into comfort foods.. but mashed potatoes are only a calorie bomb when made with sour cream.. and peas are negligible calories.. even with mustard sauce..  >.> )

This “Daily Calorie Need Calculator” thingy has been extremely helpful as a place to start thinking about the basis for each box.  And this one, “Calories in Food” has been interesting to try and use, but less vital in the packing of lunches than the limitations of the boxes themselves.  It’s been more of a.. well I think this bento is about this many calories.. so that means.. I have this much room for dinner! \o/

To help keep track of waistlines, tummy happiness, and general responses to the whole process as we trundle on.. I’m going to try and track what we eat for lunch here.  Though we do tend to have a few repeats (if we eat leftovers for lunch, it’s easier to have something new for dinners) and I’ll spare you the reruns as much as I can. The bento set pics will be archived here:

After PAX(Prime) there will also be a few more upcycled tshirt deconstructions as a couple more designs have been brewing in my head, and you all seem to like the step by steps =^.^=





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