Victorian Wedding prep.. (Me.. Kidlet and Boy posts when fabrics are more decided.. YAY! Patterns ftw!!)

Dec. 3 Kellykelly is getting hitched! >.>  With a theme.. so sewing must happen.. of a non t-shirt deconstruction variety (Moving to Austin relieved me of several boxes at three different points within the first year.. so my wardrobe for dressing up is severely limited.. thank gawd they didn’t get into my corsets)  I’ve had a history of putting together colors, and textures.. which I absolutely adored.. which rankled the senses of my dearest companions.. I’m not my sister, I don’t think neon plaid with cranberry pants, and a lime anything should exist together.. But I’d rather not cause more faces than I’m likely to.. since this is me crawling out from under my rock of solitude. (It’s like a fortress of solitude.. but warmer.. and there’s homework..)

In my pantry of cloth I have some wonderful brown/blue(with bits of cream) plaid (enough for a vest portion of a jacket, and an overskirt)  some dark blue corduroy, some black velvet, and a few smaller pieces which probably should never see daylight (but might be excellent bag/pocket/hat lining)

When I first learned that it was going to be Victorian, and that I was going to be welcome! =D  I started sifting through the patterns and books I have already..

I think I’ve settled on a square overskirt, ruffled underskirt, and the french vest bodice.. along the lines of this one..

<- is darker than it looks in the photo..

I could try to match the brown, and keep it a bit more subtle.. OR! I could use the blue corduroy..  >.>  I do ❤ blue..

With itty brass buttons… >.>  and cream velvet ribbons..

Am I losing my mind? Or would that be ok??  o.O




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  1. kelly
    Sep 14, 2010 @ 05:59:55

    OMG You’re adorable. 🙂 I think it will be marvelous. If you want any help with those patterns let me know. I can you draft or just give semi decent advice. Love you. Do excited you’re coming!!! *hugs*


    • ithinkiamordoi
      Sep 14, 2010 @ 09:05:51

      I’m beside myself excited!!
      =D I like advice! Advice is good! Everything I’ve put to machine for at least the last 6months or so has been a deconstructed t-shirt.. luckily, the TV stuff is mostly /point /click.. /hope.. /pinlikecrazy.. /more tea..

      I’ll get the blue and plaid together under daylight.. At least I’m not going with the fuchsia pom poms, right? =^.^= ((and I’m not letting Kidlet wear that one either.. basically a smaller version of mine.. in different colors.))

      p.s. there is a SamMoon opening up a block from my apt.. they claim October.. >.> so.. lemme know bout things and stuff kk cause.. yeah.. <3!


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