Store Progress

New pictures were taken for a few of the dresses (Thank you Megsie!), still need to work on the overall layout.. but for now, better product shots are the main focus.  And somehow I need to make a sewing list I can actually stick to.. rather than waking up at 3am and deciding I really just need to repin the lace on the blue jacket.. or cut a whole stack of shirts, pin them, and set them with purpose on the sewing table.. With Purpose!   >.>  then fall back to sleep a few hours later.. and wonder where the day went.  /le sigh.  =^.^=

The trickest bit of downsizing the regular TrulyVictorian patterns I have so far is length.. Luckily she’s very nearly the XS listed.. just a few feet shorter.   >.>   And finding the right boots is going to be fun.  She’s asked for red ones.. like the little girl wears in the latest TinkerBell movie.. we shall see.. perhaps red corduroy spats?  I’ve some random tube socks.. we could try spat..





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