So, the dresses turned out mostly well.  Kidlet thoroughly enjoyed her red&gold (though sitting still long enough to get her hair into and out of the curlers was tricky, and will take coaxing to make happen again.)  Though she ate her weight in fruit and cake.. leading to this face…

She seemed to have a blast.

Seriously.  She passed out in the car before we’d gotten off of Galveston Island.. she just glares at cameras.. if someone is coaxing for a face.. this is the face they get.  =^.^=   ❤

<Insert shot of small blond girl in red dress dashing away through crowd towards fruit table/potential cake spawn point.. It was here.. somewhere.. hhrmmm…> HAH! Found it!

hhmm lining issues.. dark red>white.. /noted for next time

The Boy’s vest turned out alright, three! welt pockets (I cannot stress enough what a mind @#$% welt pockets are.  You put the stripes of fabric together inside out and backwards, then through a process which involves a sealed box, three pixies, and several hot toddies, they become pockets) and completely lined with no weird bunching folded fix bits to make it work. =^.^=  This is us.

Somehow somewhere in the between times of measuring myself fully corseted, and finishing the dress (the measurements matched…) I lost several inches.. sadly when I lose weight (which I do whenever I stress out/get distracted) it disappears from the bust first.. then everywhere else.  So, my dress was passable, but =P    Definite room for improvement.  Harr harr.  =^.^=  But now there’s room for buttons, and with lining it should work for next year.  /hopeful

I’ll keep working on it.


Regarding the stress induced weightloss… it’s completely backasswards to the mainstream reaction to stress.. yes, I know..  But! There is hope!  TheBoy’s grandparents sent me a beautiful copy of Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”  =^.^=  And some crazy part of me wants to cook from cover to cover.  Surely, adding these recipes to my bento stash can only help combat the random shrinkage.

So along with the bentos, the t-shirt deconstructions, the supersecretubernerdy project with my sister, school, kidlet, the house, and not going crazy >.>  I hope to post what I find out about cooking, life, and myself in general. (With steadily improving photographs =^.^= )




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