Dear EA..

Before we go any further, if the following makes no sense to you I’m sorry.. A sad excuse for marketing was brought to my attention.  I won’t link to it, and it’s not worth tracking down.  A group of mothers (presumably) were invited to an EA studio to view what was supposed to be excerpts from a game they were assured their children would love…  Instead it was a cut of all the most gory/startling scenes from Deadspace2.

To the creative team on Deadspace2:  I’m sorry your company believes that all games are a childish waste of time and money.  I’m sorry you work with people who believe that regardless of their content, all games are inherently “for” children, and none of them can ever be considered artistic in any way.  But hey, at least it’s not another flash game, right?  Good luck with the whole trying to sell people that your game is worth spending money on and you don’t think anyone who likes it is a basement dwelling teenage troll, I’m pretty sure as long as sales for the next Madden do ok you won’t lose your office.  d(^.^d)

To the marketing team on Deadspace2:  Wow! Deadspace2! I can’t wai… oh.. your powers of persuasion were just too great.  I had planned on this being one of the many games my sister and I purchase to review, but I have created life so you tell me I must hate it.. so there’s no point now.. why buy a game I’m going to hate?  /shrug   And since parents can’t play any games at all ever..  Maybe some of the parents who don’t usually pay attention to the games they buy for their kids, since games are obviously all for children regardless of content, will now.. but w/e.. GG

To the people responsible for keeping those marketing people employed:  WTF.  You continue to make games, but you’re telling your public you think they’re a childish waste of time and money.  This makes no sense.  Or it does but it makes about as much sense as a drunken sorority girl assuming she must be in love with the jock she just slept with because you only sleep with people you love and love lasts forever so they must get married and live in the suburbs and make babies now! =D    If 1. You were trying to impress upon the purchasing public that not all games are created with the intention of children playing them (hence that handy rating system and all), you’re not really reaching your target.  Unless all those people go home and hop on facebook and start a flame war.. which, given that many of them appeared to be old enough to be My mother, isn’t likely.  Or 2. You thought it would be funny to lure people into tiny rooms under false pretenses to fuck with them.  GG, that you managed.   I’m sorry you’ve decided to go public with the statement that you don’t respect the people you employ, or those you attempt to make money off of.  Remember, just like that sorority girl has choices, you might consider respecting yourself, your work, and the tireless creative efforts of your development staff by hiring a reasonably competent marketing department.. publicity which costs you sales and respect is not good publicity.

~ TY

<a game playing mom>

p.s. Stop proving Ebert right by being douchebags, flamboyantly ridiculous only works for some people, you are not those people.  And stop making it increasingly less likely when mingling among my peers I’ll tell them anything about what I do in my spare time.

“So you’re ~~~’s mom! =D  I hear you do something with video games, that’s neat. What do you do?” ~ “Oh.. I.. macrame.  Only macrame.”


p.p.s. Stupid marketing stunts are stupid.  And that “adults” decided this would be acceptable…  EA, I am disappoint.



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