Marmalade is silly simple.  All you need is fruit (I like oranges, maybe with a lemon tossed in), sugar, water in basically equal proportions, time and jars.   TheBoy’s brother brought me a giant bag of oranges from the tree he planted himself some 20sumodd years ago from a seed.  These oranges are very tasty.  Off the tree a little early for a south texas citrus growing season, so a bit more tart than my Kidlet would like, they are perfect for marmalade.  (The juice from some made fabulous mimosas)

Through the brand new food processor on super thin slices I ended up with 14 cups of orange.

Into the giant soup pot!

Covered with water (just barely) and simmered for about an hour… until the oranges are so soft they fall apart if you pinch one.  Since I used about 10 cups of water to give the oranges room to float, in went 10 cups of sugar. =^.^=  A rolling boil later they were ready for the proto-marmalade check.  I love this page as a marmalade reference This page is one I love for quick referencing the steps

Proto-Marmalade, it’s nearly there!

This gave me just enough time to run some jars through the dishwasher to get them all clean and steamy.

This is the moment I wish I’d thought to pick up a wide mouth funnel… I never do though.  =

Yay! Marmalade!

/toasty muffins






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