(LLAP) The Ellusive Comfy yet Shaped Hoodie

I didn’t get good shots of all the steps, but I’ll update to include shots of other projects as soon as they happen. =)  Really not sure why this week has been so terrible for photos.  It might be the crazy cold.  But anyway >.>

For anyone who doesn’t already know, Leonard Nimoy has an Etsy.  I know right!  And among the printed t-shirts was a rather simple one that really just makes me happy.  Explaining it is difficult.

What was even more difficult was settling on what project would shape itself best from the 2XL shirt I suddenly found I had >.>Luckily, I found myself with a dead hoodie.  One with enough fabric resilience left to turn into a decent pattern (with a few alterations).

First: Off with the arms! And the shoulder part.  I assume someday in the nearish future I’ll figure out a good use for the shoulder bits.. and something other than hats to make from the sleeves. Hopefully. Then in a rather unorthodox move slice the sides right off.  It was the easiest, most painless way to get the front and back to be separate pieces of fabric while keeping them as even as possible.

Then separating the front and back, I laid out the pattern pieces and decided where the LLAP should be.  The Front! vs Back! argument lasted for most of the day, but the kitchen got clean so it was a win.

The distance between the shirt’s neckline and the printing meant that if I left the top as it was, it would be shorter than I wanted, AND the LLAP would be hidden by the hood..  =P  Luckily, there was enough fabric from one of the sides to make and adjustment I think solves that.Jo-Anne’s perilously close to my current apartment was having a sale on cotton knits.  The black fabric I used for the sleeves, sides, and hood is all a more open waffle knit.  A bit stretchier, and a bit warmer than typical t-shirt fabric.  So, this hoodie ends up being a little heavier/warmer than the typical “girl” sized hoodie.  Some of which are lighter than some of my most aged of loved cotton shirts, but with a pocket.   The front is the same shape and length that the back is, the hood little more than a pair of flatish half moons stitched up the back (a google search for “hood patterns” yields many workable ideas, though this project doesn’t need extra for a neck covering.  Simply slicing that shape off the pattern though is basically what I did here), and the sleeves are a wider raglan (less bunching).

The hood I may shorten, and I’ll have to play with pocket placement.  Though the neckline of the t-shirt may become the pocket edges >.>

And as always the test run will have to be worn, washed many times, fiddled with, adjusted, and remade with less swearing before it hits my Etsy store.  I will of course let you know how that goes.




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