Not my recipe, but a darn tasty lunch

If you’ve not nosed around The Pioneer Woman (Cooks) I highly recommend that you do so.  Though I will warn you now that even if you’re not hungry, you will be very quickly.  It’s one of my “remind self to eat” tools =^.^=

One of her dishes, is this… Sandwich.  The Sandwich.

The Sandwich in it’s original untainted cowboy satisfying form.

For lunching purposes, I switched the quantities of Worcestershire and Tabasco sauces >.>  used chipotle tobasco instead of the original, and put season salt on the lightly buttered rice in the lower compartment of my bento box instead of on the meat. Breaking up the flavors a little to help make it a meal, if you follow the original recipe everything ties together in the finished sandwich.

I don’t usually butter my rice, but it seemed like the decadent thing to do.

And while this particular bento lacks the variety of color I’ve been aiming for next time there will be roasted peppers.  Maybe couscous or noodles >.>




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