Bratwurst Bentos for 2

So, midterms became project time which sank into finals and then summer semester started instantly and now midterms are done. oi. Luckily this semester I’ve no classes with “projects” or “major papers”. Which should mean a little time to sew and bento around.

=^.^= Finally.

Todays menu:

Guinness braised bratwurst*, tiny broiled red potatoes with sea salt, some sauerkraut simmered with onion and a bit of veggie broth all on a few spring greens.  I’ll have to wait until after the grueling 3 hour palates class (I don’t know why I thought it would be an ok idea ) to eat it, but it should keep me sane.

TheBoy’s lunch is similar, though larger and he gets a bit of honey mustard.

New dress design in the works.  It requires the use of 3 whole t-shirts, but the skirt is very fun.  As soon as I’ve a working prototype I’ll post the walkthrough.



*Guinness Braised Bratwurst:

1 package of bratwurst (your favorites)

1 Guinness (any variety though I like to use the rocket bottles, they’re just a bit sweet.)

Empty the Guinness into a saucepan that is just large enough to hold your brats (if you’re using an outdoor grill, a washed out coffee can works perfectly.  Just stand the brats up in the can and top with Guinness).  Bring the Guinness to a simmer and add the brats.  Bring back to a simmer and let heat through until the brats are no longer visibly pink.  I like to then broil them until their golden all over.  It’s not rocket surgery, but it sure is tasty. =^.^=


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