Summer Break (The Perfect G&T)

Sewing has been happening, but we’re coming up on finals weeks again. >.> So!

A pause for the perfect G&T recipe.  This recipe is highly dependent on your drinking vessel of preference.  I like the insulated cold drink cups with the straws that every coffee shop chain ever makes these days.  It’s extremely helpful of an adult beverage vessel to have a straw which doesn’t detach itself when the lid is securely on.

Step one:  Fill your drinking vessel with ice!

Step 2: Add tonic water to about the mid point. >.>

Step 3: Add gin to taste. (usually from line 1-2 and a splash is good) (Boodles zomg tastiest gin on the planet) (So tasty in fact, that I didn’t bother to trim off the sections of picture with my neck showing. ew. Sorry about that.)

Step4: Top off with more tonic maybe squeeze a lime, and screw on that lid.

Here’s why:


Yay!  Now stop stressing out about exams.  You’ve done your homework and studied.  You’re as ready as you’ll be.  Sleep is good!





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