Shop Updates

I spent some time over the last few weeks agonizing over what to say with regards to the dress from a tshirt making process.  Trying to say “I take a bunch of shirts, cut them to pieces, fit those pieces into the shapes I know work on the bodies I’m familiar with and make sure there’s range of size there, then wear (or make my sister wear) the heck out of them to a bunch of different normal nerdy girl activities, and wash them with jeans for a few months until I’m sure they won’t pull apart or require delicate care, and then find fun art shirts usually designed by indie artists or with really fun things I like on them and pick a size kind of at random with regards to the art on the shirt and make it into a dress or skirt and hope someone else likes it.”  But in a way that’s not a giant run on sentence which sounds better when you can see my hands.  >.<

Which boiled down to: “The patterning and design process happens months before the listings are posted, and each design is thoroughly tested for ultimate comfort, wear-ability under varied conditions, and extreme low maintenance before being made from the art shirt or shirts. Many of the latest designs, especially the pleated skirts, use more than one shirt.

If I haven’t found a particular shirt you’d love to have deconstructed in a specific way, please don’t hesitate to shout! =) It’s a continuing process so new stuff will appear as soon as it’s ready.

I do NOT sell t-shirts which haven’t been deconstructed and made into something new. I can happily redirect you to where I found a particular shirt though >.> if a deconstructed/rebuilt version isn’t what would make you happiest. ”
The custom order listings will be gone for now.  The blank shirts weren’t giving as clear an idea of what I’d like from that.  Until I can get better pics, and more feedback on the individual designs they’ll stay gone.  This doesn’t mean I wouldn’t happily make anyone the dress or skirt they’d like, just that those listings won’t be in the shop until they show up in the Reserved listing for someone specific.

Also, I think it’s bedtime =^.^= Or starcraft time… we shall see.



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