Lab notes and butter making

Kidlet is getting ready to head back to school.

Getting up earlier and earlier in hopes of a reasonable schedule to fit the school’s.

And keeping a lab notebook on small scale (usually culinary) experiments we can manage here at home to refresh some math skills and work on handwriting.

This week’s experiments involve making butter.

We looked up a few movies on how butter is made, commercially and at home.  Why the fats do what they do when they’re bounced around.  We’ve added in a few historical notes on butter just generally.

Now she wants to make butter at home because our buttermilk “is nothing like the stuff from the store we made pancakes with”.  It was one time.  YEARS ago.  Unless heavy cream somehow magically becomes cheaper than buying butter premade I can’t see this really happening very often.  But once and a while. =^.^=  We’ll mash some salt and honey into it and eat it on toast pretty much regardless of the future.



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