New Stuff

All findable here >.>  For whatever reason the Flickr account is being odd. (And I’ve had quite enough with technology being difficult for today)

The bags happen from 2 tshirt sleeves.  One main center space with 5 smaller inside pockets around the outside.  Since many of the newer designs don’t use the sleeves there has been a growing pile on my sewing shelf.  I may add a longer strap to a few and we’ll see how they stand up to more rigorous use.  So far the average bag holds quite a bit.  The larger capable of holding a DS, 2 decks of cards, lip gloss, a couple of pens, spare girl necessities {not pictured}, keys, a full set of dice, some change, card case, and set of necessary id things.       o.o




I don’t know that making bags is going to be a permanent addition to the store, but perhaps if this wild hair continues to uncoil in the sewing room there will be a few to come through.  They’re still in the testing phase though, so it will be several weeks of hard wear before we know if they pass.  For this I have given one to my sister to stuff with things and carry around, I will do the same, and might keep some small knitting projects in it for a few weeks. (I’ve a composition class this fall, and the professor’s format lends itself well to small project time. =^.^=)

There’s also this dress:


I do wish I’d made the skirt a bit fuller, but perhaps that can be saved for shirts with smaller art.  In order to get the astronaut to sit properly without the paint rumpling it fits a bit snug.  I feel like I should dye it maybe a lavender?

I should go back to fighting with Zune now.  I should update my new phone (windows7) from my laptop (also windows7) but microsoft security essentials seems to believe that part of the exe from microsoft for zune is malware o.O  And even with admin overrides and yelling at it to stop being stupid and update already it’s blinking at me again.  We shall see.




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