Infinity Space Dress (Walkthrough)

Start with 2 shirts. They don’t have to be identical, but the skirt will be half of both.

First, remove all 4 sleeves.  But save them, they make great purses and pockets.  Trim the sleeves off along the inside edge of the seam.

Next, lay both the shirts out flat.  Cute straight across from one armpit to the other.  The big squares will make the skirt.  The tops will make the rest of the dress.

Next trim one edge off of each skirt piece.

Pin and sew the freshly cut edges together face to face (art side to art side) so you end up with one big hoop of fabric.

Make sure to keep what had been the shirt hems on the same edge.  This gives the final skirt hem a bit more weight to hold it’s shape.

Now take one of the shirt tops you set aside earlier, and cut across both layers directly across the chest just under the collar.

Then trim the ends to be square.  Here’s a point to stop and do a bit of sizing.  Halve your waist measurement.  This is how long the front and back of the waistband need to be.  Since tshirts stretch, don’t worry about leaving yourself extra room for stitching.  Keep both pieces together as you trim them.  Then you only need to cut once.  Pin them face to face and sew the short edges.  This is your waistband.

The skirt can be gathered to the waistband rather than pleated, or pleated all in one direction rather than boxes.  I love box pleats.  They make me happy.  And they’re fun.

I like to start by pining even amounts of fabric in four places evenly spaced around the waistband. (Make sure before you spend too much time pinning, that you have the face sides together  >.< ) Then pin each section in the center, evenly all around the waistband.

Then find the mid-point of one of these sections along the waistband.  lay the skirt fabric flat along the waistband to the midpoint, and pin.

Then bring the skirt fabric flat along the waistband back the other direction, and pin in the center.

Then all you have to do is lay the rest of the skirt fabric for that section evenly across the waistband.  Pin this flat.

Pin the skirt to the waistband all the way around.

Sew, and turn right side out.

For the bust portion of the dress, I used the other shirt top.  Trimmed off one rectangle from just under the collar.

If you’re smaller of chest (as I am) this is the time to put a couple darts in the sides.  They’ll keep the neckline flatter.  =)

Trim the neckline before adding the rest of the ribbon.

Pin the widest end of the bust section face to face with the front top part of the waistband.

Now take a length of ribbon (about a meter and a half) place the center of the ribbon at the center back of the dress, and pin all the way around the back up to the top corner of the bust piece.  The tails will make the shoulders, though you can always skip that step add a few extra tucks in the center fron of the bust and you have a halterdress.  To measure the shoulders, you’ll need to try it on.  then mark the ribbon and the places along the back top of the waistband where it’s most comfortable for you.  I found that about 2in from the center back, lets the front stay square without pulling oddly on the armpit.


So swirly.




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