Ada Lovelace: The Walkthrough

School has been trundling along, no crazy projects/papers just yet, only the usual notes and such. Spent some time digging up the past, and pretty much every non-holiday Saturday they don’t chase me off the property I’ll continue “helping” =^.^=

This next dress provides a bit more back coverage than the others so far, but it is more finicky than the others by far.  Getting the pleating to sit well, and not drape drunkenly is wicked weird.  Patience, and a LOT of pins. (Don’t bleed on pale fabric)

First, find a 3X ish shirt with something fun printed on it. (smaller just means less skirt = fewer pleats)

This one from ThinkGeek has Ada Lovelace on it. ❤

Lay the shirt out flat.  Absolutely flat.  I had to move to the floor to get this one to cooperate…  -.-  Trim directly across the shirt from armpit to armpit. Like so:

The hemline portion will be the skirt.  =)    Then trim off the sleeves.  We won’t need them unless we’re making a bag.

Then trim directly across just under the neckline.  I only did one layer at a time, because halfway through I changed directions… Don’t forget to load your serger with something other than black thread if you’re using a pale shirt.  >.< You’ll need another shirt, I used another color because it’s what I had and I’ve been tired of trying to figure out what the heck to do with this blue one. >.>

Trim out a waistband, just enough room to go round the middle.  Only about 6in or so tall.

Then pleat (or gather if you like) the skirt to the waistband.  Double check to be sure the outsides are going to be on the outside… >.<

Also, don’t have epic battles with your flash.  It’s just going to do whatever anyway.

Decide where the edges of your top bit need to be, and pin the crap out of the pleats.  You cannot use too many pins.

Then you’ll need to choose your shoulder ribbons.  I went with gray bows.  So they’d be adjustable when my sister steals this one, or someone with more cleavage than me wants to wear it. =^.^=

Whatever you do, don’t throw on a bra and pester the nearest person into taking a picture of your finished dress.  Luckily, you can edit your funny old lady feet out. =^.^=



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