So much has happened, and continues to happen. I apologize now for the definitely un-fun post to follow.. but I need to get it all off my chest and add posting regularly back to the list of things I do.

Directly after the last post, I proposed to B and he accepted. Then instantly was sent to Germany to finish up a game who shall remain nameless… They needed some rescuing, and B knows their system stuff and is a design+program dude so… yeah. Less than a week’s notice to spend 2 months overseas rooming with a guy who passes out with netflix running eating their entire allotment of internet access in 2 nights without mentioning it to anyone. >.<

Then, the day before the wedding I fell and hit my head. Probably just smacked it on the floor… but it was 8 stitches. And an ambulance ride (even though I likely just needed to sit for a little while before being stood up, but w/e, is in the past. Long story short = 12hrs and -$15,000 later my head was sewn up.). Hooray insurance not applying to me until we’d been married for 2months. (Oh! And I’m still on insurance probation… they’ll cover things related to the baby, but if anything is billed as being care for me until NEXT December it’s out of pocket.)

Oh yeah! I’m also pregnant. And no PP it wasn’t cervical cancer, there was no reason to deny me bc. I was actively trying to find a Dr to look into it more closely but don’t have a car or money of my own but thanks for assuming my anxiety issues were fake so I could ignore your advice and treating me like an idiot… so while you do many many people a great deal of good.. thanks. I needed to be knocked up instantly. The many pitfalls of a latex allergy. They’ve gotten better, but they’re still way less effective than their latex counterparts.  -__- And if you’re actively using protection and nothing breaks how the hell do you know you need to go get plan B? You don’t.

So, it’s earlier than we’d planned… and the timing is shitty with the other expenses… And yeah, the hospital doesn’t even offer a payment plan that makes sense.

I’m never willing setting foot in a hospital as long as I live. It’s absurd.

I wish there was something you could say to paramedics that made it illegal for them to touch you.

And that’s it. Why it’s been a while, and the 5am ravings of an insomniac pregnant lady who just wants tuna sashimi and can’t have it because pregnant and now budget. (I’m still pissed that we spent the entirety of our engagement apart because some boys can’t be bothered to schedule themselves. -__- it wasn’t even a good game in the end with all the lack of direction and additional crap. Doesn’t work to just take a shit ton of ideas and throw them all in a blender with no idea of what you want at the end. fucks sake..  idiots.)


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