Lab notes and butter making

Kidlet is getting ready to head back to school.

Getting up earlier and earlier in hopes of a reasonable schedule to fit the school’s.

And keeping a lab notebook on small scale (usually culinary) experiments we can manage here at home to refresh some math skills and work on handwriting.

This week’s experiments involve making butter.

We looked up a few movies on how butter is made, commercially and at home.  Why the fats do what they do when they’re bounced around.  We’ve added in a few historical notes on butter just generally.

Now she wants to make butter at home because our buttermilk “is nothing like the stuff from the store we made pancakes with”.  It was one time.  YEARS ago.  Unless heavy cream somehow magically becomes cheaper than buying butter premade I can’t see this really happening very often.  But once and a while. =^.^=  We’ll mash some salt and honey into it and eat it on toast pretty much regardless of the future.



Shop Updates

I spent some time over the last few weeks agonizing over what to say with regards to the dress from a tshirt making process.  Trying to say “I take a bunch of shirts, cut them to pieces, fit those pieces into the shapes I know work on the bodies I’m familiar with and make sure there’s range of size there, then wear (or make my sister wear) the heck out of them to a bunch of different normal nerdy girl activities, and wash them with jeans for a few months until I’m sure they won’t pull apart or require delicate care, and then find fun art shirts usually designed by indie artists or with really fun things I like on them and pick a size kind of at random with regards to the art on the shirt and make it into a dress or skirt and hope someone else likes it.”  But in a way that’s not a giant run on sentence which sounds better when you can see my hands.  >.<

Which boiled down to: “The patterning and design process happens months before the listings are posted, and each design is thoroughly tested for ultimate comfort, wear-ability under varied conditions, and extreme low maintenance before being made from the art shirt or shirts. Many of the latest designs, especially the pleated skirts, use more than one shirt.

If I haven’t found a particular shirt you’d love to have deconstructed in a specific way, please don’t hesitate to shout! =) It’s a continuing process so new stuff will appear as soon as it’s ready.

I do NOT sell t-shirts which haven’t been deconstructed and made into something new. I can happily redirect you to where I found a particular shirt though >.> if a deconstructed/rebuilt version isn’t what would make you happiest. ”
The custom order listings will be gone for now.  The blank shirts weren’t giving as clear an idea of what I’d like from that.  Until I can get better pics, and more feedback on the individual designs they’ll stay gone.  This doesn’t mean I wouldn’t happily make anyone the dress or skirt they’d like, just that those listings won’t be in the shop until they show up in the Reserved listing for someone specific.

Also, I think it’s bedtime =^.^= Or starcraft time… we shall see.


Summer Break (The Perfect G&T)

Sewing has been happening, but we’re coming up on finals weeks again. >.> So!

A pause for the perfect G&T recipe.  This recipe is highly dependent on your drinking vessel of preference.  I like the insulated cold drink cups with the straws that every coffee shop chain ever makes these days.  It’s extremely helpful of an adult beverage vessel to have a straw which doesn’t detach itself when the lid is securely on.

Step one:  Fill your drinking vessel with ice!

Step 2: Add tonic water to about the mid point. >.>

Step 3: Add gin to taste. (usually from line 1-2 and a splash is good) (Boodles zomg tastiest gin on the planet) (So tasty in fact, that I didn’t bother to trim off the sections of picture with my neck showing. ew. Sorry about that.)

Step4: Top off with more tonic maybe squeeze a lime, and screw on that lid.

Here’s why:


Yay!  Now stop stressing out about exams.  You’ve done your homework and studied.  You’re as ready as you’ll be.  Sleep is good!




Bratwurst Bentos for 2

So, midterms became project time which sank into finals and then summer semester started instantly and now midterms are done. oi. Luckily this semester I’ve no classes with “projects” or “major papers”. Which should mean a little time to sew and bento around.

=^.^= Finally.

Todays menu:

Guinness braised bratwurst*, tiny broiled red potatoes with sea salt, some sauerkraut simmered with onion and a bit of veggie broth all on a few spring greens.  I’ll have to wait until after the grueling 3 hour palates class (I don’t know why I thought it would be an ok idea ) to eat it, but it should keep me sane.

TheBoy’s lunch is similar, though larger and he gets a bit of honey mustard.

New dress design in the works.  It requires the use of 3 whole t-shirts, but the skirt is very fun.  As soon as I’ve a working prototype I’ll post the walkthrough.



*Guinness Braised Bratwurst:

1 package of bratwurst (your favorites)

1 Guinness (any variety though I like to use the rocket bottles, they’re just a bit sweet.)

Empty the Guinness into a saucepan that is just large enough to hold your brats (if you’re using an outdoor grill, a washed out coffee can works perfectly.  Just stand the brats up in the can and top with Guinness).  Bring the Guinness to a simmer and add the brats.  Bring back to a simmer and let heat through until the brats are no longer visibly pink.  I like to then broil them until their golden all over.  It’s not rocket surgery, but it sure is tasty. =^.^=

Not a lot

What I have been doing:
~Sewing sewing sewing
~Attempting and being irritated with pictures
~Swamped by homework and paper re-writes
~Trying not to re-write the re-writes more than necessary (if I spend more than 45min on it, the prof hates it.. fml)
~Helping Kidlet not be swamped by homework
~Shogun2!!!!! \o/ <3<3<3<3<3.> as soon as I have a reasonable set of pics… why does my phone take better pictures than my camera?? So confusing..


All damn day. =^.^= muahahahahahahahahaha

New Apartment Found!

Moving day won’t be until April… BUT it’s been found! =^.^= Too excited to sew or fight with cameras or really do much of anything other than try to study for french and spend time blowing up space pirates and taking their stuff.

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