zomaigawd PAX(PRIME) already!!

So, last minute sewing has made way for a rather unexpectedly heavy homework load.. But! I think I can pull off being fully t-shirt wardrobed out all weekend in Seattle. =^.^= Now I just have to decide which one’s to stuff into my tiny carry on.. leaving room for swag, new shirts, stuff, and things of course.

This year I’m also taking along a small store of bento gear.. two boxes I think will do well. I’m always starving at PAX, and while I do spend a bit of time making the trek down to the pier for crumpets and such.. I’d rather be wading through nerd heaven and seeing more games. I can stash away extra bits as they become available.. will hopefully spend less on crap food that leaves me hungrier anyway, and not spend as much time and energy searching to fill my tummy. =) This is the plan so far.. I’m sure there will be notes as time passes.