To consolidate a bit -> =^.^= Though I’ll keep posting here, as soon as there is more to.. post. Algebra is really kicking my butt, but at least I’ve only a few papers due as well.. could be much worse.



>.> <.< omgwtf it's mid May already??!? /facepalm

Well. The rundown for sights and looking forwards to from PAXEast, have been overshadowed mostly by work… and waiting for my APB beta invite.. Sadly, doesn’t seem like I’ll get my hands on it until after it’s really for sale and such. But I will!!

On the T-Shirt front! Many ideas swimming in my head at the moment, after an unexpected hasty relocation.. the sewing room is still status:shambles.. However! This Saturday looks to be an excellent day for butchering up another soft fun one to add to the summer wardrobe. =^.^= Also on the horizon: the nerdiest wedding dress almost ever, and accompanying “tail”coat. Ruminate on that for a bit. It may not mean, what you think it means.

~TYM out for now, back real fricken soon. =^.^=

“Wednesday the Cat” Dress!

This shirt, another Beatonna turned out super comfy. =^.^=

The t-shirt deconstructions are helping settle my mind I think.  I get to rip them apart and mash them around until they go from some giant boxy thing which made me feel frumpy no matter how much I loved the shirt to being something downright fun.  Fun to make and fun to wear.  They also help me slowly be less and less afraid of trying things.  We’ll see how far that goes >.>

The steps this time:

#1 Off with the neck!

#2 Away with the sleeves! (but carefully.. they’ll be useful later.. /mysterious)

#3 Placing Wednesday.. A little to the left?

#4 No! My other left! (hehe)

#5 What to do with the extra cotton? Gather it to the back! =D   (room to sit is nice)

#6 Ribbon the edges to hold it all together.

#7 Remember there are sleeves in that scrap pile? Well.. there’s one less now! (Even better than remembering to eat leftovers.  I still haven’t figured out why white styrofoam containers seem to be an invisibility field.. but maaaan I’m terrible at actually eating them.)

#8 Why a pocket tho?

Well.. I hate having to tote around a giant bag (or even a not so giant one..) just for my ds.   =^.^=

Ben Franklin’s Reminder (aka Sun~dress of Awesome)

**hyperlink your way to greatness**

Beer is proof that we shouldn’t worry so much, and should take more time to just fly kites.

(among other things)


Special thanks to the wonderful Jeffrey @ who made sure I was indeed who I think I am, and did actually want to have my own Ben Franklin flying a kite on a giant boy shaped t~shirt.

AND the fabulous Kate Beaton, without whom the charming reminder running off around the hip of my new favorite sundress wouldn’t exist in this awesome way.  Let alone be on a t~shirt for me to deconstruct.

APB Enforcer lame square boy shirt -> Dress of Awesome!

First, this is one of the shirts that started the whole.. “I’m tired of swag shirts, and the really cool semi subtle nerd shirts all being for guys.. and not skinny emo ones I could just knock in the head and steal from.. -.- what can I logistically do about this.. without sounding like a raving girl power crazed pms avenger.. hhmmm” thought process.  If I’d known it would actually be relatively simple, I’d have elbowed my way into owning more options to play with. =)  Luckily, PAX comes twice this year, and my spaces are already procured.  (though any advice about Boston in March would be most welcome.. the most I get from the transplants are grins, and ‘I hope you’re not going to try to see much of the city.. cause you won’t..” )

The Enforcer shirt started life like this big, square.. not something I could wear out in public without looking like I was out in pajamas.. which granted.. this is Austin.. no one would really notice (or care).. BUT I DO!! OMG..  =P

After chopping off the neck, sleeves, and most of the back (down to the top of the ‘Enforcer” print), playing around with a halter vs square neckline.. >.>

Now my Enforcer Dress is substantially more wearable. =^.^=  And soft too.. more t~shirts should start out life this soft.

Next on the dress form is a lovely Kate Beaton.  I plan for Ben to be chasing off around one hip, though we’ll see what the neckline does..  =^.^=

The dust has settled, now what to do with all those giant terrible boy shirts… >.>

!! Here’s something that turned out pretty comfy.  I’ve redone a few of the shirt loots… from giant boy box of cotton to fun girl wear.  =^.^=

Take the orange box… You remember this thing don’t you… (First unfold it..)  Then… Layout the important bits… Flip the ‘body’ “inside out”… zigzag stich up the side so it stays stretchy… Trim the shoulder bits the way you’d like them to sit… And VOILA! And now it says nothing about unwashed masses. o.O    Luckily, it’s possible to rotate the words around to whatever part of your midsection you’d like them on, just play with it a bit before the final stiching.  If you’re trying it on a lot by yourself.. safety pins are your friend.  The shoulders can also be as full or narrow as you’d like.  I folded mine over and tacked them down so the folds cover a more supportive bra.  (not because there’s a lot to support, but because it’s comfy.)

APD Awesome sexy dress coming as soon as I can upload the photos.  (sadly the step by step may be impossible.. but I’ll give as much of a rundown of it as I can.)  =^.^=

Also… omg APD!  They’re marketing it as gta online.. but it’s so much more awesome that gta.  I know people were all googlie eyed over gta and it’s mega production team and “sandbox” which wasn’t really a sandbox but a linear story line with small side steps you could take as long doing or not as you wanted.. /eyeroll  APD actually has some interesting looking mechanics going into place that I can hardly wait to get my hands on.  I’m sure there will be more on that later too  >.>